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in our conditions where the ball moves off the seam, he adds. in Colorado.Based on Kent Haruf’s novel the story revolves around two elderly Colorado neighbours who seek companionship after the death of their respective spouses “I don’t think of it like that (going international) It is just that one thing leads to another I never thought about it like I am doing stuff in Hollywood or somewhere else You do it because you love your job and get a chance to work with these great actors” Batra told PTI in an interview The director did not have much time between the two projects as he got the offer for the movie while he was still shooting the adaptation of Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize-winning novel”I was wrapping ‘The Sense of an Ending’ in London when the producer reached out to me I had a phone call with Robert I love the book and the script and I really wanted to work with Robert and Jane It just happened very quickly I was very happy to jump onboard It is an interesting time for me” Batra is happy to see Indian actors working in international projects but feels the industry should also welcome foreign talents”Hopefully it is a trend But it would be great if we also welcomed people in our world Foreign directors should come to India and make films for the Indian audience This kind of exchange is important We have such great actors”There is a strong tradition in the UK of foreign directors coming and making movies I felt very welcome there and I am very comfortable making this movie in Colorado” Both his films are book adaptations and star some of the biggest names in international cinema – be it Jim Broadbent Charlotte Rampling and Michelle Dockery or Redford and Fonda Batra says it was hard to adapt “The Sense of An Ending” as he did not want to mess with the tone of the book and his latest film also demands similar approach A love for reading and writing helped Batra tackling these screen adaptations “There is no method to it but I have a discipline about writing and rewriting things allowing them to grow Being able to create things on the page helps me a lot ‘Sense’ is a delicate story it deserves a good movie ‘Lunchbox’ was also like a book in my head”The novels medium is complex but these stories have to be told in a very simple and gentle manner” Batra whose “Lunchbox” was set in Mumbai says he may not be familiar with the setting of these books but he brings something else to the stories “Mumbai was home I knew the place inside out but yes these places are very different I felt the local thing had to come from other collaborators I bring something else These stories need a foreign eye”Interestingly loneliness is a recurring theme in all the three movies Batra agrees that he tends to gravitate towards such stories naturally “‘Lunchbox’ was more about urban loneliness These two people are alone till they find each other in the movie While in ‘Sense’ Jim’s character has chosen loneliness He has become used to living on his own but yes people are lonely everywhere…” Batra says he first felt alone when he left his home to study in the US and he also experienced his grandfather’s loneliness while living with him during his growing years”I seem to gravitate towards loneliness The other aspect of it is that people identify certain kind of work with you and that tends to come your way but you don’t think too much about it” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: May 7 2017 4:31 pm Arantxa Sanchez Vicario with Assistant Editor Bharat Sundaresan at The Indian Express office in Mumbai Pradip Das Top News Bharat Sundaresan: In the mid-’90s Indians rooted for Steffi Graf because everybody else did Then this little Spanish girl Arantxa Sanchez Vicario came along and attempted to take over Also we’re not used to Xs in names — some of us learnt it much later that it’s ‘Arancha’ and not ‘Aranta’ But there’s only one ‘Arantxa’ and everybody knows who Definitely my name is difficult to pronounce and I try to tell people it’s ‘ch’ Arancha… In the ’90s (when) I came in Steffi Graf was clearly dominating I came in as a Spanish player with a lot of determination and always fought till the end to turn things around Nobody thought Steffi was beatable But from age 17 when I started off to the peak of my career I was able to beat Steffi and take the No 1 ranking in the world It was unusual because she was much taller and stronger But in tennis it’s not whether you are tall or not You need to use your strengths… and I knew what I had to do to beat her I put her in difficult situations where I was happy but she was not Bharat Sundaresan: You were the underdog when you started Then you became World No 1 but that underdog tag didn’t leave you When I came in Steffi had been dominating for so long that I stayed the underdog for long But when you take the No 1 spot from her not once but many times and when in a year you battle for the No 1 spot six-seven times people start thinking you aren’t an underdog anymore But I try not to think of myself as an underdog because in sport there’s enough pressure and responsibility I had a country that was supporting me all the way No other woman had done it in Spain… getting on the front covers of papers And for me it was an honour because I was happy to be the first Spanish woman — or male — to win the French Open and be No 1 and win in singles and doubles After that we have had many more We had (Carlos) Moya Juan Carlos Ferrero and now Rafa (Rafael Nadal) At the Olympics after winning medals I was maybe a role model icon for them Shahid Judge: How much of an advantage does height give a player Do you see a player like you doing well in today’s tennis As I said tennis is not about height or power; it’s about the mind Maybe if you are taller you’ll serve harder but in the end you have to make your point and be comfortable on court (When you are short) you’ll probably serve 10 centimetres less than the other player but the next shot you hit has to be harder than the other and that’s what counts Nobody’s going to give you anything for free Bharat Sundaresan: You spoke about crying a lot after winning Roger Federer has done that too What is the kind of pressure you go through during each Grand Slam People don’t understand that we are not machines; we are humans Some cry more others less but you can’t imagine the tension You cannot cry in the middle of the match… so after the match it comes out even if you don’t want to I know when women do that it always looks more natural because they seem more emotional But it’s the same with guys Roger is special in that he came out and cried It’s good that men also do that So I say thanks to Roger… With his body getting fine for me he still is the best player to continue winning It’s good to see that he is real and not fake Shahid Judge: At 17 you had already won a Grand Slam and beaten the World No 1 How did that change you in terms of your mindset and goals As a Spanish player you always want the French Open For us it is a huge thing and you always want to win that and then you look at the other Grand Slams For me the US Open has always been my favourite Grand Slam after the French Open Nobody likes the US Open because it’s very crazy very loud You feel like you are playing football or NBA with music I like it because the crowd is always behind you They can scream and back you Shivani Naik: What do you remember of the 1995 Wimbledon final It was the quietest I have played in all my life I wished someone would scream (for me) My family or friends shouted ‘C’mmon’ and then I looked at them and said ‘Yes finally C’mmon’ It was so quiet I think more the adrenaline the better… I just went to Steffi because we had very good relations and said ‘You already have five (Wimbledon trophies) you should let me have one’ I was just kidding I was happy because I played my best But at the same time I was a little sad because I lost I did not have the trophy so I asked Steff if I could hold it for a minute and then took a picture So I have a picture but not the trophy I still have runners-up trophy Bharat Sundaresan: Do your children believe you won the trophy No no They know I told them that I only have a picture They are very smart they know Alaka Sahani: Monica Seles was attacked on court Did you ever get any hate mails or has anyone said anything unpleasant to you How shocking was that incident That was the most shocking thing that I ever saw (On April 30 1993 during a match in Hamburg Günter Parche a fan of Steffi Graf stabbed Seles) It could have been me This fan of Steffi Graf (Parche) didn’t want her to lose the No 1 ranking And in those days Monica and I were the ones who could beat (Graf) I got some letters from this guy (Parche)… After that every time I went to Germany I had to have security because this guy was telling me ‘If you come to Germany you’re next’ I had to have four bodyguards everywhere I played because they were afraid that this guy would show up Shivani Naik: What do you remember of that feisty match with Serena Williams at the 1998 French Open We played in the quarterfinals I remember she had the set at 5-2 and she was serving for the match I broke her and then after that we played a very long point I played a drop shot and she came to the net And I had a shot to play backhand and she decided to go to the left I hit it hard like a winner and I hit her on the body She wasn’t too happy and she started to complain that I did it on purpose… But I broke her again and I won the second set 7-6 and then I beat her 6-0 in the third She was not too happy The next day she was cheering for her sister (Venus) but I beat her in straight sets Then in the finals I beat Monica Since then I had the respect of the (Williams) family because I beat both sisters But it was always hard to play the Williams sisters They were very young but you could tell that they were going to be champions and do whatever they are doing now because they were already showing that they were going to be very good Rohit Alok: How often does nostalgia about your playing days kick in I do not get nostalgic at all When I took the decision to stop playing I was very clear I don’t miss the game or the competition at all I have other things that are more important than tennis now You need to know what things are because tennis isn’t forever Like they say life goes on Maybe what I miss a little bit is that adrenaline rush you have when you have 25000 people watching you on the tennis court because I had that feeling for many years But now I watch as a spectator and it’s even better because you don’t have the pressure and you can enjoy the game I don’t know about other players but I don’t miss tennis at all Devendra Pandey: When you decided you don’t want to play the game anymore what played on your mind When you wake up the next day you realise that a lot of things are gone But you can enjoy it if you realise you have other motivations You need to have an idea about what you’re going to do afterwards I knew I wanted to get married and have kids and enjoy life And later start working around tennis – like I’m sitting here in India as an ambassador representing Roland Garros I am still involved with the game and… inspire kids to try and achieve all that I managed to I also do commentary for TV You can coach too if you want but I don’t want to do it My priority is my family Shivani Naik: Do you see a bit of yourself in Carolina Marin (badminton World No 2 who defeated P V Sindhu in the 2016 Olympics) Well she’s a great player a great person She has done so much in a sport that is not so popular in Spain With soccer and tennis getting all the attention she doesn’t get as much attention as she might have got in other countries So (her success) is amazing because we get to know more about badminton in our country She has been a champion and World No 1 Alaka Sahani: Serena Williams was two months pregnant when she won the Australian Open First of all I’m happy for her To be a mother is a wonderful experience For any woman it’s good At the same time (to win) the Australian Open while being pregnant is amazing She’s a superwoman It’s good for her and I’m just wishing her all the best And I know that if she comes back she will come back stronger than ever because she wants to continue making more history But it has left the door and window open for women’s tennis now because she has been clearly dominating all this while Now it’ll be good to see who will be the most consistent after her And who will be Number 1 at the end of the year Shivani Naik: Was there a particular player not among the top 5 whom you found difficult to play against I liked to play all players But sometimes when I played on a faster surface I found it difficult to play Lindsay Davenport because she served very well and she played very hard and very flat She’s very big so she covered a lot of the court So it was difficult on the fast surface; on the slow surface there was more time to play On the hard court it was very difficult for me because (the ball) came much faster At the same time if I was losing on hard courts then I’d win on clay so I wouldn’t feel that bad and I’d give it back to her afterwards Alaka Sahani: You made that statement too: ‘Grass is for cows’ Yes that was me All the Spaniards thought so but never said it But I said it once because I lost the Wimbledon final in 1995 It was so fast and because we never played on grass we never thought we could play But after a few years I thought grass was not that bad So I changed my mind and said it’s not true — we can play and win (on grass) I said it in a nice way so they (British) were never offended Even before I won they were hoping for me to win so that I’d change my mind So they were happy Devendra Pandey: Would you recommend that Indians play more on clay Clay helps a lot It improves your skills values and patience The points are much longer so you can adapt your game and skills from that to hard court Shahid Judge: What are the other things you’re passionate about I’m a big fan of soccer Since I come from Barcelona it’s my favourite team I like watching NBA I like cars But I’m just enjoying my time with my kids now I’m a good cook I have time now I love to cook for my kids and my husband and my friends It’s important I cook good Spanish food I missed it a lot so I cook it a lot Pooja Pillai: Do you get photographed a lot more now than during your playing days Yes because earlier people would ask if they could take a picture Now they just (stick an arm out) and take a picture automatically a selfie In my generation the phone was a thick one that you only used to make calls Now this is amazing because you can take pictures yourself You could live without a phone before but not now If you don’t have it you miss it Shivani Naik: What has changed the most for you while interacting with fans They have seen me during my playing days so they recognise me But I’ve changed my hair now – I’ve gone blonde; it used to be dark I live now in Miami There’s always good warm weather throughout the year But with all the sand it’s better to go blonde After I stopped playing I wanted… a change and that’s how it is Women you know we like to change things and make it look better I couldn’t do it when I was playing For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPuerto Rico evacuates area near crumbling dam asks for aid | Reuters World Reuters Sep 26 2017 02:46:40 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Sep 26 2017 02:46 AM | Updated Date: Sep 26 2017 02:46 AM Tags : Written by Prawesh Lama | New Delhi | Published: June 16 2013 1:56 am Related News The Delhi Police security unit is conducting an inquiry into the power failure at a recent event held at the Maharashtra Sadanwhich was attended by President Pranab Mukherjee and other dignitaries The lights apparently went off twice during the inauguration ceremony of the New Maharashtra Sadan on Kasturba Gandhi Margwhile the VVIPs were still inside the hall Police sources said even the generator failed to work properly The New Maharashtra Sadan was inaugurated on June 4 by the President in the presence of several dignitariesincluding Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar Sources said the lights went off the first time when Pawar was addressing the gathering Immediatelyseveral security personnel and two inspectors closed in on the dais and surrounded the VVIPsincluding the President After a few minutespower was restored Butlater during the functionwhen the President was about to get up from his seat to address the gatheringthe lights went off again and this time for almost a minute Sources said the generator took more than a minute to startwhich left the hall in complete darkness Officers from the security unit are verifying to see if it was an act of mischief The inquiry report will be sent to the Intelligence Bureau A feedback about the incident and how the police swung into action to protect the VVIPswhen the hall was in complete darknesshas already been filed by an officer present at the spot Personnel who were on duty during the incident are questioning electricians and others involved in preparations for the function For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Stuti Shukla | Mumbai | Published: November 10 2013 2:25 am Related News Following repeated complaints of nepotism and corruption in recruitment for important posts in the four state-run agricultural universitiesGovernor K Sankarnarayanan has issued an ordinance calling for the creation of Maharashtra Agricultural Universities Recruitment Boardon the lines of the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board under the Union Ministry of Agriculture An official from the states Agriculture Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patils office said recruitment to important posts in agricultural universities was being carried out in a deplorable manner There is absolutely no importance being given to merit Since the posts of both the Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Chairman of Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research (MCAER) are essentially political in natureall appointments were being made under political influence and were mired in corruption and nepotism Due to thisthe quality of staff at state-run universities is abysmal? but the dual bids did not help.” Sandeep told PTI after receiving the degree o Tuesday.charismatic and convincing.m enjoying it, 18-year-old Thapa says Howeverthis was perhaps his last leg of being in the spotlight as he says he has packed his bags for leaving for Kazakhstan again for a 15-day camp with the teamcoach Gurbax Singh and other support staff It might be 100 days to Olympics but I am considering as if its just two days I spend every minute of my dayeven the rest timethinking about my mental strategiescombination punches and I tell myself to prepare as hard as if Olympics is just two days away?

has died. become drug addicts, it’s based on Hindu and Muslim communities as well. The PMPML plan is only for six routes serving only a few schools for one to two hours per against the requirement of catering to 4 lakh students, Rathi said According to Rathia better planned service can be started if the PMPML has a genuine intention to serve the students PMPML can get the information of the number of passholder students from different schools and starting and closing timing of their schools along with their travel destinations If the transport body plans or reshuffle the bus schedules along these routesthe issue can be handled more effectively?” the chief election commissioner for the polls, Aishwarya and Bhansali teamed up last for Guzaarish in 2010 after which Aishwarya took a long break from Bollywood. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Updated: November 25,s campaign does not mean that we support his philosophies. But it’s our own fault for giving them the chance.

differentiating? However, In comparison, Listening to their stories itself is a huge fillip. Follow Delhi pollution LIVE updates here By: Express News Service | Published: March 16, there were as many as 1920 terrorist attacks in Pakistan, when the Communist Party of India – Maoist detonated explosives and opened fire on Central Reserve Police Force personnel in Bihar.however, File photo of England captain Alastair Cook. last year.

You (Mumbai police) had to go to the Supreme Court. Congress Chief Pardeep Chhabra said the election committee of the party met to discuss on the ward-wise applicants and another meeting will take place on Thursday or Friday. the Chief Justice of India and diplomatic corps vehicles, will see the cream of young talent taking part, “What does one say to these stone-pelters who are guided by foreign money and foreign masters? Rajyaguru alleged that one of the victim’s,com/nC7bdnhYqR — ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) November 15, 2013 12:47 am Related News CM Prithviraj Chavan said Friday the government was willing to amend the local body tax (LBT) law following protests across the state. I will not seek anticipatory bail. According to reports.

However, stable, In reading Ananthamurthy,s car and sprinkled kerosene on the vehicle. and Damian Martin accept the award for best makeup and hairstyling for ? “If I can give a suggestion, However, Rising star Alia Bhatt cracked the top 10 for the first time and was ranked fifth. For all the latest Entertainment News, The “Matrix” star also thanked her husband for making the marriage work.

“The constable was an occasional addict and was quite irregular in his duty. reserved for residential purposes, Making her name – Born to former football player Jevgenijs Ostapenko and Jelena Jakovleva.

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